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The role of the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) as transport host of Eimeria tenella to chickens

Jarujareet, Wipaporn, Kobayashi, Masuko, Taira, Kensuke, Ooi, Hong-Kean
Parasitology research 2019 v.118 no.7 pp. 2311-2315
Eimeria tenella, Periplaneta americana, chickens, digestive tract, disease transmission, feces, flocks, ingestion, oocysts, pathogenicity, polymerase chain reaction
The role of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana as transport host for Eimeria tenella was evaluated. Twenty-four cockroaches were orally fed with sporulated oocysts of E. tenella. Their feces and digestive tract were examined for oocysts by sugar centrifugal flotation technique and PCR. Infectivity of the oocysts recovered from the digestive tract of infected cockroaches as well as from their feces was evaluated by orally inoculating them into Boris Brown chickens. E. tenella oocysts were found in the digestive tract and feces of infected cockroaches up to day 4 after ingestion of oocysts. Furthermore, oocysts that were recovered from the digestive tract and feces of cockroaches remained infective for 4 and 3 days after ingestion of oocysts, respectively. Presence of oocysts in the feces of chicken that had been inoculated with either digestive tract or feces of P. americana demonstrated the infectivity of E. tenella oocysts from digestive tract or feces, suggesting that P. americana may play a role in the transmission of E. tenella among chicken and between chicken flocks.