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Characterization of the Types of Sweeteners Consumed in Honduras

Hernández, Adriana, Di Iorio, Adriana Beatriz, Lansdale, Jeffrey, Salazar, María Belén
Nutrients 2018 v.10 no.3
beverages, diabetes, exports, high fructose corn syrup, ingredients, nutrient content, obesity, processed foods, supermarkets, sweeteners, Honduras, United States
Sweeteners are found in all types of foods, and their high consumption is associated with chronic degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and obesity, among others. A characterization was carried out of food products with sweeteners from the three biggest supermarkets at a national level; they were identified by the list of ingredients and classified according to caloric or non-caloric intake, and pursuant to their country of origin. A statistical interpretation of results was made using descriptive measures such as the number of times the sweeteners were found in the formulation of the products and how many of them were found in a product at the same time. In total, 341 products were evaluated and classified according to the processed food categories of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) nutrient profile. The category of beverages had the highest quantity of products with sweeteners, and their consumption by the inhabitants represents a high exposure. Overall, 60.1% of the products evaluated were of US origin; these US exports have a significant impact on the Honduran market. A high-fructose corn syrup caloric sweetener was the one most frequently found in these products; at least 51% are combined with additional sweeteners to increase the sweetening effect.