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Improved Open-Circuit Voltage and Repeatability of Perovskite Cells Based on Double-Layer Lead Halide Precursors Fabricated by a Vapor-Assisted Method

Wu, Ting, Zhu, Qing, Wu, Gaozhu, Yin, Defu, Fu, Mingming, Wang, Weiping, He, Jialun, Kong, Lijing, Zheng, Xuanli, Cao, Yiyan, Wu, Yaping, Zhang, Chunmiao, Li, Xu, Wu, Zhiming, Kang, Junyong
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 v.11 no.27 pp. 24132-24139
chemical composition, electric potential difference, evaporation
Highly repeatable fabrication of compact perovskite films is crucial for large-area perovskite cells (PSCs) in commercial applications. In this work, a vapor-assisted method with the combination of spin-coating and thermal evaporation is employed to fabricate the double-layer PbI₂/PbIₓBr₍₂–ₓ₎ precursor. It is found that surface morphologies of perovskite films could be tailored through tuning the spin-coating speed (the first precursor layer) and chemical compositions (the second precursor layer). The continuous pinhole-free perovskite films are successfully fabricated by double-layer PbI₂/PbBr₂ precursors. The open-circuit voltages of all the corresponding cells exceed 1.00 V, showing an average value of 1.02 V. The high mean voltage and small variation reveals high repeatability of this method. This work provides a potential method to achieve large-area and high-efficiency PSCs.