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Highly synergistic effect of bifunctional Ru-rGO catalyst for enhanced hydrogenative-reductive benzylation of N-heteroaromatics

Mishra, Kanchan, Lee, Yong Rok
Journal of catalysis 2019 v.376 pp. 77-86
benzylation, catalysts, catalytic activity, graphene oxide, models, nanoparticles, nanosheets, synergism
Synergistic effect of bifunctional catalysts plays a vital role in enhanced catalytic efficiency. Ru nanodots (Ru-NDs) are anchored to reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (rGO-NSs) via a hydrothermal process. Because of their small size, high surface to volume ratio, and resultant properties, these nanoparticles have a distinct advantage in catalytic applications. The surface chemistry of the bifunctional Ru-rGO shows a synergistic effect between the Ru-NDs and the rGO. To investigate the synergistic interactions of the bifunctional rGO and Ru composites, we propose a model reaction for hydrogenative-reductive benzylation of N-heteroaromatics. Furthermore, the catalysts’ support and their interfacial interactions play a significant role in the efficiency and stability of the catalyst. Bifunctional Ru-rGO are confirmed to be highly effective catalysts for the enhanced hydrogenative-reductive benzylation of N-heteroaromatics because of the synergistic effect.