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Flow in Bounded and Unbounded Pore Networks with Different Connectivity

Meyer, Daniel W., Gomolinski, Artur
Journal of hydrology 2019 pp. 123937
flow, hydraulic conductivity, porous media, prediction
This work is concerned with the intricate interplay between node or pore pressures and connection or throat conductivities in flow or pore networks. A setting similar to pore networks is given by fracture networks. Recently, a non-local generalization of Darcy’s law for flow and transport in porous media was presented in the context of unbounded or periodic pore networks. In this work, we first outline a robust method for the extraction of the hydraulic conductivity distribution, which is at the heart of the non-local Darcy formulation. Second, a theory for mean pressure and flow in bounded networks is outlined. Predictions of that theory are validated against numerical network results and it is demonstrated that the theory works well for networks with high connectivity involving pores with high coordination numbers. For other networks, improvements to the outlined theory are proposed and their accuracy is assessed.