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Experimental investigation and simulation of rehydration dynamics of biopolymer powders

Wangler, Julia, Teichmann, Heike, Konstanz, Elena, Kohlus, Reinhard
Powder technology 2019 v.355 pp. 461-473
alginates, biopolymers, glass, guar gum, models, particles, product development, rehydration, viscosity, xanthan gum
Rehydration of biopolymer powders is influenced by dissolution, viscosity development and swelling. Associated dynamic changes of powder characteristics correlate with their rehydration properties. Especially floating and particle aggregation negatively affect the rehydration process and powder quality. A deeper knowledge about these dynamics is crucial with regard to product development and quality improvement. The dynamics of swelling and viscosity development are of special importance. Controlling these parameters by a targeted modification will improve the rehydration process. Within this study the rehydration behavior of xanthan gum, guar gum and alginate was analyzed. Focus was on investigating their dynamic behavior and providing a detailed description of the rehydration process. Experiments were carried out using a model system, consisting of biopolymer coated glass beads. Rehydration was investigated experimentally and by simulation. The importance of dynamic effects and their mutual interaction was demonstrated. Results explain the mechanisms of the dynamic rehydration process of food powders.