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Characterization of a replication-competent vector encoding DsRed based on a human adenovirus type 4 a-like strain

Tian, Xingui, Chen, Yong, Li, Haitao, Fan, Ye, Zhou, Zhichao, Chen, Shiying, Li, Xiao, Zhou, Rong
Virus research 2019 v.270 pp. 197662
Mastadenovirus, adults, antibody formation, children, etiological agents, gene therapy, genome, genomics, hamsters, mice, neutralizing antibodies, nucleotide sequences, patients, prototypes, rapid methods, respiratory tract diseases, screening, vaccines, viruses, China
Human adenovirus type 4 (HAdV4) is an etiological agent of acute respiratory disease (ARD) in pediatric and adult patients. HAdV4 strains can be divided into two major genomic clusters, namely prototype (p)-like viruses and a-like viruses. Here, the complete genome sequence of HAdV4 strain GZ01, isolated from a child with ARD in southern China, is first reported and analyzed. This strain was determined to be of the 4a1 genome-type based on in silico restriction profiles. Then, a replication-competent rAd4DsRed virus, containing the HAdV4 GZ01 infectious genome and expressing the reporter molecule DsRed, was generated and characterized. Recombinant rAd4DsRed can infect AD293, hamster, and mouse cells in which DsRed protein was expressed. No changes in antigenicity and genome replication were detected for rAd4DsRed and wild-type HAdV4. Mice immunized with rAd4DsRed was elicited a marked antibody response to DsRed. A rapid method of testing neutralizing antibodies against HAdV3 and HAdV4 was also established using a mixture of rAd4DsRed and rAd3EGFP. Our results provide the foundation to develop HAdV4 vaccines, potential vector platforms for vaccine and gene therapy, and rapid methods for serological and antiviral screening.