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Preharvest UV-C treatment affected postharvest senescence and phytochemicals alternation of strawberry fruit with the possible involvement of abscisic acid regulation

Xu, Yanqun, Charles, Marie Thérèse, Luo, Zisheng, Mimee, Benjamin, Tong, Zhichao, Roussel, Dominique, Rolland, Daniel, Véronneau, Pierre-Yves
Food chemistry 2019 v.299 pp. 125138
abscisic acid, ambient temperature, fruit quality, fruits, physiology, polyphenols, postharvest storage, storage temperature, strawberries, ultraviolet radiation
As an environmentally friendly approach for fruit quality improvement, the effect of preharvest UV-C on the physiology of strawberry fruit during postharvest storage remains to be assessed. Strawberry fruit developed with supplementary UV-C were stored at room temperature for 2 weeks. Preharvest UV-C attenuated fruit postharvest senescence and altered phytochemicals composition. Higher ester titer was found in the treated fruit at harvest, whereas higher terpene and furanone contents were detected after 72 h of storage. At harvest, polyphenolics accumulated to a higher level in UV-C group, but the difference disappeared after 24 h of storage. Meanwhile, the intrinsic level of abscisic acid and the expressions of FaPYR1, SnRK2, and FaASR in the UV-C-treated fruit was enhanced at harvest but returned to a lower level as storage proceeded. This study highlights the time-dependent effect of preharvest UV-C on strawberry fruit postharvest biochemical indexes and the possible involvement of abscisic acid signaling factors.