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Identification of prognostic signatures associated with long-term overall survival of thyroid cancer patients based on a competing endogenous RNA network

Li, Xiaoping, Dai, Dayou, Wang, Heyuan, Wu, Bing, Wang, Rui
Genomics 2020 v.112 no.2 pp. 1197-1207
databases, microRNA, patients, prediction, prognosis, risk, thyroid neoplasms
Competing endogenous RNAs (ceRNAs) are considered as transcripts that can regulate each other at post-transcription level by competing for shared miRNAs. Considering the key roles of lncRNAs acting as ceRNAs in progression of solid tumors, to develop prognostic signatures in thyroid cancer (THCA), patients with corresponding clinical data were selected and two ceRNA networks were constructed using online databases. Two prognostic signatures (Lnc5m4 and Lnc2mi1m2) were found to be more efficient in predicting long-term survival of THCA patients. However, the high-risk score of Lnc2mi1m2 was not an independent factor.The risk score of Lnc5m4 was able to effectively stratify patients in stage III-IV into low- and high-risk groups, and also could predict poor prognosis of patients in stage III-IV. In conclusion, these findings indicate that Lnc5m4 is a novel prognostic signature for predicting long-term overall survival of THCA patients, which could provide a new approach to lncRNA research in THCA progression.