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Assessment of a flexible solar hybrid thermal and electrical prototype

Lecœuvre, Brice, Faggianelli, Ghjuvan Antone, Canaletti, Jean-Louis, Cristofari, Christian
Renewable energy 2020 v.146 pp. 1354-1363
blades, electric power, energy, prototypes, solar collectors, solar energy
This paper presents a study of a new system called Système Réfléchissant à Lames Orientables (Orientable Blades Reflective System) (SRLO). This solar hybrid concentrated system is able to produce both thermal and electrical energy. Following the technological advances of recent years, it appears as the outcome of several prototypes improved over time. SRLO can now be considered as a flexible distributed generation system which can be integrated into a microgrid.First, we present the evolution of the system over time and its operation. Then, we focus on the astronomical parameters representing the position of the sun and the specific trigonometric calculations of reflections and shadows. They make it possible to calculate the energy optimum, to operate the control-command and to define the operating profiles. These parameters are also used to obtain the optimal position of the receiver considering the shadow of the reflecting structure. Finally, this study allows the estimation of the concentration rate of the system at any time as well as the solar energy received by the PV modules.