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Heterogeneous catalyst screening for fatty acid methyl esters production through interesterification reaction

Simões, S.S., Ribeiro, J.S., Celante, D., Brondani, L.N., Castilhos, F.
Renewable energy 2020 v.146 pp. 719-726
acetates, biodiesel, catalysts, fatty acid methyl esters, fuel production, magnesium oxide, oils, screening, soybeans, temperature, zeolites
This study aimed the investigation of a potential heterogeneous catalyst for the interesterification reaction for soybean biodiesel production. Different types of catalysts (Y Zeolite, MgO, Nb2O5 and mixed oxides) were tested in this work. Ca–Mg–Al mixed oxide with 40% wt. Ca was the more suitable catalyst for interesterification reaction. Effects of temperature, catalyst content and methyl acetate to oil molar ratio on product yields were investigated through kinetic experiments. Kinetic behavior of intermediate compounds was also assessed. The best experimental condition was 325 °C, 40:1 methyl acetate/oil molar ratio and 5% wt. of catalyst/oil, with a global yield of 68.55% reached in 80 min with pressure ranged between 5 and 10 MPa. A catalyst reusing test was carried out in this condition. The reaction could be performed for at least three times with the same initial catalyst without a significant activity decay.