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Araucaria goroensis (araucariaceae), a new monkey puzzle from new caledonia, and nomenclatural notes on araucaria muelleri

Mill, R. R., Ruhsam, M., Thomas, P. I., Gardner, M. F., Hollingsworth, P. M.
Edinburgh journal of botany 2017 v.74 no.2 pp. 123-139
Araucaria araucana, bracts, females, guidelines, herbaria, leaves, mining, new species, nickel, photographs, scientific illustration, taxon descriptions, New Caledonia
Araucaria goroensis R.R.Mill & Ruhsam sp. nov., a new monkey puzzle species from New Caledonia, is described and illustrated with photographs from the field and from herbarium specimens. Previously confused with Araucaria muelleri, it is more similar to A. rulei. It is distinguished from the latter species by its larger leaves, microsporophylls without a shouldered base, and shorter female cone bracts. It occurs in a very limited area of south-east New Caledonia, where its existence is threatened by nickel mining. Using the guidelines of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, we propose an assessment of Endangered for the new species and reassess Araucaria muelleri also as Endangered. A key to the seven species in the ‘large-leaved clade’ of New Caledonian species of Araucaria is given. The name Eutassa latifolia de Laub. is synonymised with Araucaria muelleri, and the recent typification of the latter name by Vieillard 1276 is rejected. Detailed reasoning is given for these nomenclatural acts.