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Neck circumference as an indicator of elevated central adiposity in children

Valencia-Sosa, Evelyn, Chávez-Palencia, Clío, Romero-Velarde, Enrique, Larrosa-Haro, Alfredo, Vásquez-Garibay, Edgar Manuel, Ramos-García, César Octavio
Public health nutrition 2019 v.22 no.10 pp. 1755-1761
adiposity, boys, cross-sectional studies, girls, obesity, school children, schools, waist circumference, Mexico
We aimed to study the correlation between neck circumference (NC) and anthropometric adiposity indicators, and to determine cut-off points of NC for both sexes to identify elevated central adiposity in schoolchildren in western Mexico. Cross-sectional study. Rural settings in western México. Children from a convenience sample of six schools in Acatlán, Jalisco, Mexico (n 1802). NC showed a strong positive correlation with all anthropometric adiposity indicators in both sexes, which were notably higher in boys regardless of age. Noteworthy, waist circumference displayed the highest significant correlation when analysed by both age and sex. As age increased, NC cut-off points to identify elevated central adiposity ranged from 25·7 to 30·1 cm for girls and from 27·5 to 31·7 cm for boys. NC could be used as a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive indicator for central obesity assessment in Mexican schoolchildren.