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Synthesis and application of a series of amphipathic chitosan derivatives and the corresponding magnetic nanoparticle-embedded polymeric micelles

Chu, Liqiu, Zhang, Yutong, Feng, Zhipan, Yang, Jueying, Tian, Qingquan, Yao, Xianping, Zhao, Xinqi, Tan, Huimin, Chen, Yu
Carbohydrate polymers 2019 v.223 pp. 114966
amination, bioactive properties, chitosan, drug carriers, drugs, hydrophobic bonding, hydrophobicity, iron oxides, magnetism, micelles, models, nanoparticles, oils, pH, paclitaxel, polyethylene glycol, surfactants
Magnetic nanoparticle-embedded polymeric micelles (MNP-PMs) prepared with amphipathic polymers are an important sustained-release carrier for hydrophobic drugs. The amphipathic chitosan derivatives (ACDs) based stimuli-responsive slow-release carriers have attracted considerable attentions because of the bioactivities and modifiability of chitosan. In the current study, a series of ACDs including alkylated N-(2-hydroxy) propyl-3-trimethyl ammonium chitosan chloride (alkyl-HTCC) and alkylated polyethylene glycol N-(2-hydroxy) propyl-3-trimethyl ammonium chitosan chloride (alkyl-PEG-HTCC) were prepared by the reductive amination of HTCC and PEG-HTCC, and their structures and properties were characterized. Octyl-HTCC/O-Fe3O4 and octyl-PEG-HTCC/O-Fe3O4 MNP-PMs were prepared by the hydrophobic interactions between the corresponding ACDs and oil soluble Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles (O-Fe3O4 MNPs), and characterized for the structure, magnetic performance and surface charge state. Their potential application as a drug delivery carrier was investigated upon the embedding efficiency and pH dependent sustained-release performance using the hydrophobic drug, paclitaxel (PTX), as a model drug. Our work has provided a new application strategy of ACDs in the multi-functional drug delivery carrier.