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A Note on Medium- and Long-Term Global Energy Prospects and Scenarios

Bollino, Carlo Andrea, Asdrubali, Francesco, Polinori, Paolo, Bigerna, Simona, Micheli, Silvia, Guattari, Claudia, Rotili, Antonella
Sustainability 2017 v.9 no.5
business enterprises, climate, developed countries, energy efficiency, energy industry, environmental impact, markets, mineral resources, nuclear power, sustainable development
The paper presents recent and future trends of the world energy market, as highlighted by medium- and long-term projections. Energy demand and energy consumptions projected by IEA (International Energy Agency) are examined, in comparison with projections provided by other international agencies and companies in the energy sector. In particular, energy resources, energy consumption and economic growth both in developing and developed countries are presented, with a particular attention to the role of energy efficiency, nuclear power, unconventional fossil resources and renewable energies. Sustainable development issues, according to the global climate agreement signed at COP21, are also presented. The outlook period extends up to 2040. The results confirm a worldwide interest in renewable and unconventional resources for the forthcoming decades, as well as efforts to increase the energy efficiency potential in all end-use sectors to reduce the overall environmental impact of energy production.