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Does Value Co-Creation Really Matter? An Investigation of Italian Millennials Intention to Buy Electric Cars

Costanza Nosi, Tommaso Pucci, Cecilia Silvestri, Barbara Aquilani
Sustainability 2017 v.9 no.12 pp. -
automobiles, children, data collection, decision making, electric vehicles, private enterprises, purchasing, structural equation modeling, surveys
The present research aims to explore the determinants of (full) electric vehicle (EV) buying intention of Italian millennials focusing on the role that value co-creation initiatives might play in the buying decision-making process. Value co-creation initiatives in the EV domain are studied employing an enhanced version of the Theory of Reasoned Action which, in addition to the traditional variables of the model, also includes perceived importance of cars’ attributes. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used to analyze the data collected though an online survey on 523 Italians aged 18–35. The outcomes provide recommendations to tailor proper initiatives to encourage millennials’ buying intention of electric vehicles supporting private companies in favoring the adoption of wide-spread pro-environmental behaviors among Italian youngsters.