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Sugars, organic acid and phenolic compounds of Ziziphus mauritiana Fruit

Muchuweti, Maud, Zenda, Gretchen, Ndhlala, Ashwell R., Kasiyamhuru, Abisha
European food research & technology 2005 v.221 no.3-4 pp. 570-574
4-hydroxybenzoic acid, Ziziphus mauritiana, caffeic acid, citric acid, ferulic acid, high performance liquid chromatography, malic acid, malonic acid, p-coumaric acid, qualitative analysis, sugars, vanillic acid
This study was conducted to identify soluble sugars, non-volatile acids and phenolic compounds in Ziziphus mauritiana fruit. Soluble sugars in Ziziphus mauritiana fruit were qualitatively determined by TLC. The sugars identified to be present in Ziziphus mauritiana were galactose, fructose and glucose. TLC was also used for qualitative analysis of phenolic compounds; five spots of phenolic compounds were observed. Only two of the observed spots were identified using the Rfvalues of the standards that were available. The two phenolic compounds identified by TLC were caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid. Phenolic compounds were also quantified using HPLC. Twelve peaks of phenolic compounds were detected. Among these, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, caffeic, ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid were the most abundant with concentrations of 365.94, 30.76, 19.64 and 19.28 mg/kg dry mass respectively, whereas vanillic acid was the least abundant with a concentration of 2.52 mg/kg. The organic acids were qualitatively analysed by PC and citric acid, malonic acid and malic acid were identified in the Ziziphus mauritiana fruit.