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Lipids from the Aerial Part of Scutellaria ramosissima

Yuldasheva, N. K., Ul’chenko, N. T., Mamadalieva, N., Glushenkova, A. I., Ovidi, E., Triggiani, D., Tiezzi, A.
Chemistry of natural compounds 2014 v.50 no.1 pp. 68-71
Scutellaria, chlorophyll, cytotoxicity, glycolipids, inhibitory concentration 50, linoleic acid, phospholipids, tocopherols, triacylglycerols, United States
Total lipids (TL) (2.1%), more than half of which were glycolipids (GL) (1.3%), and neutral lipids (NL) (0.54%) and phospholipids (PL) (0.26%) were isolated from the air-dried aerial part of Scutellaria ramosissima. The principal acids of the NL were 16:0, 18:2, and 18:3. Acid 16:0 (up to 40 mass% of the acids) dominated the glycolipids. Palmitic and linoleic acids dominated the PL with 18:1 in combination with 18:3 comprising slightly greater than 31%, like linoleic acid. The chlorophyll content was 197.3 mg% in the total lipids; carotinoids, 157.1 mg%; tocopherols, 357.0 mg% in unsaponified substances (US). The cytotoxic activity of the S. ramosissima lipid fractions was tested on HL-60 and HeLa cancer cell lines using the MTT test. PL, NL, and US showed cytotoxicity for HL-60 cells with IC₅₀ values of 8.3, 22.0, and 24.3 μg/mL, respectively, and were inactive for HeLa cells. The GL and TL turned out to be slightly active.