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Chemical, thermal, rheological and FTIR studies of vegetable oils and their effect on eggless muffin characteristics

Kaur, Amarbir, Singh, Balwinder, Kaur, Amritpal, Singh, Narpinder
Journal of food processing and preservation 2019 v.43 no.7 pp. e13978
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, batters, canola oil, color, cottonseed oil, fatty acid composition, muffins, oxidative stability, polyunsaturated fatty acids, rice bran oil, saturated fats, soybean oil, sunflower oil, temperature profiles, thermal properties, vegetable oil, viscoelasticity, viscosity, water activity
Fatty acid composition (FAC), thermal properties, viscosity, oxidative stability, and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of canola oil (CNO), cottonseed oil (CSO), sunflower oil (SFO), rice bran oil (RBO), and soybean oil (SBO) were determined and their effect on eggless muffin characteristics was evaluated. Saturated (SFAs), mono (MUFAs), and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) were noticed higher in CSO (25.92%), CNO (60.95%), and SBO (59.69%), respectively. The peak intensities (at 3,009, 2,925, 2,854, and 1,745 cm⁻¹) in FTIR spectra and thermal profiles were influenced by the saturated and unsaturated FAC of vegetable oils (VOs). SBO batter showed lower G' and G" values compared to those prepared using other VOs. SBO muffins showed the lowest water activity (0.80) and highest specific volume (50 ml/g) compared to muffins prepared with other VOs. This investigation showed that SBO contains FAC with the acceptable ω6/ω3 ratio (9.4:1) and is suitable for developing eggless muffins. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: In this research work, vegetable oils differed in color, viscosity, oxidative stability, FTIR spectra, thermal properties, and fatty acid composition and their effect on eggless muffin characteristics. Batter prepared using soyabean oil showed desirable viscoelastic behavior, higher muffin volume and sensory scores. Soyabean oil contains desirable fatty acids (with appropriate ω6/ω3 ratio) for health benefits and is beneficial for replacing saturated fat in developing eggless muffins.