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Revealing liver specific microRNAs linked with carbohydrate metabolism of farmed carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822)

Rasal, Kiran D., Iquebal, Mir Asif, Pandey, Amrendra, Behera, Parmeswari, Jaiswal, Sarika, Vasam, Manohar, Dixit, Sangita, Raza, Mustafa, Sahoo, Lakshman, Nandi, Samiran, Angadi, U.B., Rai, Anil, Kumar, Dinesh, Nagpure, Naresh, Chaudhari, Aparna, Sundaray, Jitendra Kumar
Genomics 2020 v.112 no.1 pp. 32-44
Labeo rohita, aquaculture, biomarkers, carbohydrate metabolism, farmed fish, genes, liver, microRNA, physiological transport, tissues
The role of microRNA in gene regulation during developmental biology has been well depicted in several organisms. The present study was performed to investigate miRNAs role in the liver tissues during carbohydrate metabolism and their targets in the farmed carp rohu, Labeo rohita, which is economically important species in aquaculture. Using Illumina-HiSeq technology, a total of 22,612,316; 44,316,046 and 13,338,434 clean reads were obtained from three small-RNA libraries. We have identified 138 conserved and 161 novel miRNAs and studies revealed that miR-22, miR-122, miR-365, miR-200, and miR-146 are involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Further analysis depicted mature miRNA and their predicted target sites in genes that were involved in developmental biology, cellular activities, transportation, etc. This is the first report of the presence of miRNAs in liver tissue of rohu and their comparative profile linked with metabolism serves as a vital resource as a biomarker.