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An objective comparison of common vacuum assisted resin infusion processes

Van Oosterom, S., Allen, T., Battley, M., Bickerton, S.
Composites 2019 pp. 105528
composite materials, compression strength, mechanical methods, vacuum processing
This study executed an objective comparison between Resin Infusion methods currently used, providing a level comparison in identical circumstances. Six different resin infusion methods including VARTM, SCRIMP, CAPRI, DBVI, VAP, and PI were investigated to discern if the modifications made relevant to the standard VARTM process have a distinguishable effect, and how significant the effect was. Process parameters were found to vary significantly between methodologies, with large differences in infusion time, laminate pressure and relaxation, and resin usage. Fibre volume fractions were found to vary significantly both between methodologies and along the infusion length of some panels. Differences of up to 13% and 10% were found in short beam strength and compression strength between the infusion methods. There was found to be no significant difference in void content between methodologies once the best process parameters had been established, with the exception of PI which resulted in a significant increase.