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Simultaneous Biofortification of Wheat with Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, and Iron through Foliar Treatment of a Micronutrient Cocktail in Six Countries

Zou, Chunqin, Du, Yunfei, Rashid, A., Ram, H., Savasli, E., Pieterse, P. J., Ortiz-Monasterio, I., Yazici, A., Kaur, C., Mahmood, K., Singh, S., Le Roux, M. R., Kuang, W., Onder, O., Kalayci, M., Cakmak, Ismail
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2019 v.67 no.29 pp. 8096-8106
biofortification, field experimentation, foliar application, grain yield, iodine, iron, selenium, wheat, zinc, China, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey (country)
Field experiments were conducted on wheat to study the effects of foliar-applied iodine(I) alone, Zn (zinc) alone, and a micronutrient cocktail solution containing I, Zn, Se (selenium), and Fe (iron) on grain yield and grain concentrations of micronutrients. Plants were grown over 2 years in China, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, and Turkey. Grain-Zn was increased from 28.6 mg kg–¹ to 46.0 mg–¹ kg with Zn-spray and 47.1 mg–¹ kg with micronutrient cocktail spray. Foliar-applied I and micronutrient cocktail increased grain I from 24 μg kg–¹ to 361 μg kg–¹ and 249 μg kg–¹, respectively. Micronutrient cocktail also increased grain-Se from 90 μg kg–¹ to 338 μg kg–¹ in all countries. Average increase in grain-Fe by micronutrient cocktail solution was about 12%. The results obtained demonstrated that foliar application of a cocktail micronutrient solution represents an effective strategy to biofortify wheat simultaneously with Zn, I, Se and partly with Fe without yield trade-off in wheat.