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Tribological behaviors of polyimide composite films enhanced with fluorographene

Zhou, Shengguo, Li, Wentao, Zhao, Wenjie, Liu, Chao, Fang, Zhiwen, Gao, Xiulei
Colloids and surfaces 2019 v.580 pp. 123707
composite films, friction, graphene, lubrication, nanocomposites, polymers, seawater, strength (mechanics), thermal stability
As one of the youngest graphene derivative, fluorinated graphene (FG) with excellent mechanical strength and lubricity was incorporated into polyimide polymer (PI) to strengthen the comprehensive performance of nanocomposite. This article gives a detailed characterization to investigate the tribological behaviors of PI/FG nanocomposite films under different friction conditions including both of dry sliding and seawater lubrication. Firstly, the chloroform-treated FG was proved to be stably dispersed in the PI matrix. Subsequently, mechanical properties, thermal stability and tribological properties of PI/FG nanocomposite films were greatly improved. Finally, analysis of the reasons for the significant improvement in wear resistance from the viewpoint of thermal, mechanical properties and the evolution of friction products. Meanwhile, the transfer of FG from polymer matrix to frictional duality was revealed during tribological testing. The above results suggest the potential application of FG in the field of reinforcing polymer friction properties.