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Purification of catechins from Camellia sinensis using membrane cell

Dhadge, Vijaykumar L., Changmai, Murchana, Purkait, Mihir Kumar
Food and bioproducts processing 2019 v.117 pp. 203-212
Camellia sinensis, additives, catechin, decaffeination, high performance liquid chromatography, plant products, starch
The present work describes a unique method for the purification and concentration of catechins from Camellia sinensis. The extracted plant products after using hot water were filtered and fed into a membrane separation process to separate catechins. Samples collected at various stages of processing were filtered through an ordinary filter paper and used for HPLC analysis. The permeate flux increased from 9.23×10−6 to 17.8×10−6m3m−2s−1 when cross flow velocity increased from 2 to 6 LPM at 30Psi pressure. Aqueous permeate obtained from the membrane cell was concentrated and decaffeinated to get purified catechins. Combining all the catechin compounds a final product containing 72% of catechins was obtained. The catechins thus extracted were utilized in the preparation of a pharmaceutical supplement comprising an effective amount of 30–80% (w/w) catechin component mixture and 5–50% (w/w) starch as filler along with/without the inert materials as additives.