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Sol–Gel Transition in Nanodiamond Aqueous Dispersions by Small-Angle Scattering

Tomchuk, Oleksandr V., Avdeev, Mikhail V., Aleksenskii, Aleksandr E., Vul, Aleksandr Ya., Ivankov, Oleksandr I., Ryukhtin, Vasyl V., Füzi, János, Garamus, Vasil M., Bulavin, Leonid A.
Journal of physical chemistry 2019 v.123 no.29 pp. 18028-18036
X-radiation, dispersions, distillates, hydrogels, momentum, nanodiamonds, neutron diffraction, neutrons, physical chemistry
This paper reports the results of the comparative structural characterization of detonation nanodiamond particles and their aggregates in hydrosols and hydrogels by small-angle scattering (SAS) techniques. The data from different neutron and X-ray (synchrotron radiation) diffractometers cover a wide range of momentum transfer and show multilevel structure organizations at the size scale from 1 to 1000 nm and higher. For this purpose, in addition to the conventional SAS techniques the methods of very small-angle and ultrasmall-angle neutron scattering were applied. The fraction of nanodiamond particles in the aggregates is determined. A complex two-step mechanism of nanodiamond cluster association into a network during the sol–gel transition is revealed. It is assumed that a reason for the reversibility of this process is a different compactness of the corresponding structural levels defined by different fractal organizations.