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A novel multi-focus image fusion method of nonwovens based on GHM multiwavelet transform technology

Chen, Yang, Deng, Na, Xin, Binjie, Xing, Wenyu, Zhang, Zhengye
Textile research journal 2019 v.89 no.14 pp. 2870-2879
digital images, image analysis, nonwoven fabrics, textile fibers
In the digital optical microscope, the depth of field is limited in the image acquisition of nonwoven fabrics. The image of the fabric under the single focus image cannot achieve a uniform focus in the whole field of vision, which leads to the blurring of some regions. A new method of multi-focus image fusion based on the Geronimo-Hardin-Massopust (GHM) multiwavelet transform is introduced in this article, which realizes the digital image fusion of a sequence of images taken at different focus settings to achieve a clearer focus fusion of the fiber mesh showing the full field of view within a single image. In this article, a self-built nonwovens micro imaging system is used to collect the image sequence of the fabric at different focus images, and the initial image sequence is processed by critical sampling prefiltering. The high and low frequency components of the image are processed by different fusion rules, and the fusion image of the initial fabric is obtained through the fusion of multiwavelets and inverse transformation. Then, the fusion image of the initial fabric and the subsequent focus image are fused, using the above method, and all the fiber areas after the fusion can be clearly shown to end the operating. Experiments show that the fusion method can solve the difficulty of accurate focusing in a single image with full field of vision.