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Effects of noopept on cognitive functions and pubertal process in rats with diabetes

Gürbüz, Perihan, Düzova, Halil, Yildiz, Azibe, Çakan, Pınar, Kaya, Gül Büşra, Bağ, Harika Gözde Gözükara, Durhan, Merve, Gül, Cemile Ceren, Taşlidere, Aslı Çetin
Life sciences 2019 v.233 pp. 116698
blood glucose, blood serum, body weight, childhood, chronic diseases, cognition, follicle-stimulating hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, hippocampus, hypothalamus, immunohistochemistry, insulin, insulin resistance, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, kisspeptin, laboratory animals, learning, luteinizing hormone, males, models, puberty, rats, streptozotocin, testes
Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) is a common chronic disease in childhood. Increasing insulin resistance in puberty gives rise to higher doses of insulin usage in treatment. Of this reason new approaches in treatment are needed. Noopept researches suggest it to have anti-diabetic properties. We tried to determine the effects of noopept on pubertal diabetes.The research was made with 60 prepubertal, 28 day-old, male, Sprague Dawley rats. The rats were divided into randomised 6 groups (n = 10/group). i) Control, ii) Diabetes Control, iii) Noopept Control, iv) Diabetes + Noopept, v) Diabetes + Insulin, vi) Diabetes + Insulin + Noopept. T1DM model was induced by streptozotocin on postnatal 28th day. 0.5 mg/kg noopept and 1 IU insulin were administered intraperitoneally for 14 days. Blood glucose and body weight measurements, puberty follow-up and MWM tests were performed. Hippocampus, hypothalamus and testis were evaluated histologically. Hypothalamic GnRH and kisspeptin were studied immunohistochemically. Serum LH, FSH and insulin, hippocampal homogenate NGF and BDNF levels were determined by ELISA.Delayed puberty was normalized by noopept (p < 0.05). Blood glucose levels were lower in noopept-administered diabetic groups (p < 0.05). Noopept decreased HOMA-IR in insulin administered diabetic group (p < 0.05). Number of degenerated cells in hippocampus and testis were higher in diabetes control group when compared with other groups (p < 0.05). GnRH immunoreactivity in Diabetes + Noopept group was increased when compared to insulin + noopept group (p = 0.018). There was no difference in kisspeptin, serum LH, FSH, hippocampal NGF-BDNF levels and spatial learning assessment among groups (p > 0.05).Noopept may have positive effect in treatment of pubertal diabetes.