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Complete chloroplast genome of the threatened Rhoiptelea chiliantha (Juglandaceae s.l.)

Geng, Yan-Fei, Hu, Guo-Xiong, Wang, Shuo, Xu, Jian-Chu
Conservation genetics resources 2019 v.11 no.3 pp. 317-319
Juglandaceae, chloroplast genome, chloroplasts, genes, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, ribosomal RNA, threatened species, transfer RNA, walnuts, China, Vietnam
Rhoiptelea chiliantha is the only species of traditionally defined family Rhoipteleaceae which is confined to S Guizhou, SE Yunnan, N and W Guangxi of China as well as N Vietnam, and is evaluated as vulnerable (VU) in “The IUCN Red List Threatened Species” and “Chinese Species Red List”. Here, we de novo assembled the complete chloroplast (cp) genome of R. chiliantha using Illumina sequencing data for the first time. The whole cp genome was 161,692 bp in length consisting of a pair of inverted repeat (IRa and IRb) regions of respectively 25,335 bp, a small single-copy region of 23,659 bp and a large single-copy region of 89,039 bp. The genome encoded 116 unique genes including 85 protein-coding genes, 27 tRNA genes and four rRNA genes. Phylogenetic analysis based on 21 complete cp genome sequences indicates that R. chiliantha is sister to the traditionally defined walnut family (Juglandaceae s.s.) and supports to merge Rhoipteleaceae into Juglandaceae s.l.