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Fast analysis of flavonoids in apple juice on new generation halo column by SPE-HPLC

Ali, Imran, Al-kindy, Salma M. Z., Suliman, Fakhreldin O., Alam, Syed Dilshad
Analytical methods 2011 v.3 no.12 pp. 2836-2841
analytical methods, apigenin, apple juice, chrysin, food industry, fruits, quality control, quercetin, vegetables
A fast SPE-HPLC method is described for the analysis of flavonoids in apple juice. The mobile phase used was water-acetonitrile (60 : 40, v/v) at 0.80 mL min⁻¹ flow rate with UV detection at 252 nm. The column used was new generation Halo C₁₈ (100 × 46 mm; shell particles; 2.7 μm). The capacity factors were in the range of 0.67 to 20.56, respectively. The separation and resolution factors ranged from 1.18–2.21 and 1.00–10.00, respectively. The values for LOD and LOQ for flavonoids ranged from 0.40–5.5 ng and 2.25–26.0 ng, respectively. The linearity was observed in the concentration ranges of 0.01 to 0.10 mg mL⁻¹ for all flavonoids. The concentrations of quercetin, apigenin, kaemferol and chrysin in apple juice were 4.00, 0.50, 0.40 and 0.25 mg kg⁻¹, respectively. Therefore, the reported method can be used for the quality control of apple juice in food industries. Besides, this method can also be used for the analyses of flavonoids in other fruits and vegetables.