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Microwave-assisted synthesis of poly(ionic liquid)-coated magnetic nanoparticles for the extraction of sulfonylurea herbicides from soil for HPLC

Yang, Lu, Su, Ping, Chen, Xiaonan, Zhang, Ruizhe, Yang, Yi
Analytical methods 2015 v.7 no.7 pp. 3246-3252
chemical species, desorption, detection limit, high performance liquid chromatography, ionic liquids, iron oxides, magnetism, microwave treatment, nanoparticles, silica, soil, soil sampling, sorbents, standard deviation, sulfonylurea herbicides
Poly(ionic liquid) (PIL) was synthesized and immobilized onto prepared silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles, which was used as a magnetic solid-phase (MSPE) sorbent and applied to the extraction of sulfonylurea herbicides (SUHs) in soil samples prior to high-performance liquid chromatography analysis. The type and volume of desorption solvent and quantity of the sorbent were optimized for the extraction process. Under the optimized conditions, the matrix matched calibration curves were linear (R² > 0.999) for sulfonylurea herbicide concentrations in the range of 10–1500 ng mL⁻¹. The relative standard deviation range for repeated determination of the analytes was 3.2–4.5%. The ranges for the limits of detection and quantification were 1.62–2.94 and 5.4–9.8 ng mL⁻¹, respectively. These results demonstrate that the Fe₃O₄@SiO₂@PIL provides efficient extraction of sulfonylurea herbicides from soil samples.