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Compound reinforcement of glaze wear resistance by prestress and second grain phase

Yu, Yougen, Su, Huazhi, Guan, Kang, Peng, Cheng, Wu, Jianqing
RSC advances 2019 v.9 no.43 pp. 24951-24962
ceramics, feldspar, models, modulus of elasticity, quartz, weight loss, zircon
To study the reinforcement effect of prestress and hard grains on glaze wear resistance, fused quartz was added to a ceramic body to introduce various prestresses by creating a thermal expansivity difference with glaze, and feldspar opaque glazes with and without zircon grains were coated on the ceramic bodies. The elastic moduli and Poisson ratios of the glazes were measured by the 2D-DIC system. Furthermore, the prestress of the glaze was calculated according to the double-layer thermal residual stress model and measured by DIC using the stress-release method. The weight losses of the samples caused by the modified method of ISO 10545-7 were determined; the results showed that the weight of the glaze was reduced by 23.8% by increasing the prestress to 81.2 MPa and by 35.9% by adding 7.2 wt% zircon grains. By introducing 7.2 wt% zircon grains and enhancing the prestress to 123.7 MPa, the abrasion weight loss was decreased by 62.7%.