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A review of electrokinetically enhanced bioremediation technologies for PHs

Saini, Anish, Bekele, Dawit Nega, Chadalavada, Sreenivasulu, Fang, Cheng, Naidu, Ravi
Journal of environmental sciences (China) 2020 v.88 pp. 31-45
bioremediation, groundwater, hydrocarbons, petroleum, soil, surfactants, technology
Since the early 1980’s there have been several different strategies designed and applied to the remediation of subsurface environment including physical, chemical and biological approaches. They have had varying degrees of success in remediating contaminants from subsurface soils and groundwater. The objective of this review is to examine the range of technologies for the remediation of contaminants, particularly petroleum hydrocarbons, in subsurfaces with a specific focus on bioremediation and electrokinetic remediation. Further, this review examines the efficiency of remediation carried out by combining bioremediation and electrokinetic remediation. Surfactants, which are slowly becoming the selected chemicals for mobilizing contaminants, are also considered in this review. The current knowledge gaps of these technologies and techniques identified which could lead to development of more efficient ways of utilizing these technologies or development of a completely new technology.