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The Rooting of Stem Cuttings and the Stability of <i>uidA</i> Gene Expression in Generative and Vegetative Progeny of Transgenic Pear Rootstock in the Field

Lebedev, Vadim
Plants 2019 v.8 no.8
Pyrus, adventitious roots, beta-glucuronidase, environmental factors, fruit trees, gene expression, herbicide resistance, introns, models, pears, progeny, rooting, rootstocks, seedlings, summer, transgenes, transgenic plants, vegetative propagation, woody plants
Adventitious rooting plays an important role in the commercial vegetative propagation of trees. Adventitious root formation is a complex biological process, but knowledge of the possible unintended effects induced by both the integration/expression of transgenes and in vitro conditions on the rooting is limited. The long-term stability of transgene expression is important both for original transformants of woody plants and its progeny. In this study, we used field-grown pear rootstock GP217 trees transformed with the reporter &szlig;-glucuronidase (uidA) genes with and without intron and re-transformed with the herbicide resistance bar gene as model systems. We assessed the unintended effects on rooting of pear semi-hardwood cuttings and evaluated the stability of transgene expression in progeny produced by generative (seedlings) and vegetative (grafting, cutting) means up to four years. Our investigation revealed that: (1) The single and repeated transformations of clonal pear rootstocks did not result in unintended effects on adventitious root formation in cuttings; (2) stability of the transgene expression was confirmed on both generative and vegetative progeny, and no silenced transgenic plants were detected; (3) yearly variation in the gene expressions was observed and expression levels were decreased in extremely hot and dry summer; (4) the intron enhanced the expression of uidA gene in pear plants approximately two-fold compared to gene without intron. The current study provides useful information on transgene expression in progeny of fruit trees under natural environmental conditions.