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Development of Failure Cause–Impact–Duration (CID) Plots for Water Supply and Distribution System Management

Lee, Seungyub, Oak, Sueyeun, Jung, Donghwi, Jun, Hwandon
Water 2019 v.11 no.8
water supply, water utilities, South Korea
Understanding the impact and duration (consequences) of different component failures (cause) in a water supply and distribution system (WSDS) is a critical task for water utilities to develop effective preparation and response plans. During the last three decades, few efforts have been devoted to developing a visualization tool to display the relationship between the failure cause and its consequences. This study proposes two visualization methods to effectively show the relationship between the two failure entities: A failure cause–impact–duration (CID) plot, and a bubble plot. The former is drawn for an effective snapshot on the range (extent) of failure duration and the impact of different failures, whereas the latter provides failure frequency information. A simple and practical failure classification system is also introduced for producing the two proposed plots effectively. To verify the visualization schemes, we collected records of 331 WSDS component failures that occurred in South Korea between 1980 and 2018. Results showed that (1) the proposed CID plot can serve as a useful tool for identifying most minor and major WSDS failures, and (2) the proposed bubble plot is useful for determining significant component failures with respect to their failure consequences and occurrence likelihoods.