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Two new species of Eutypella and a new combination in the genus Peroneutypa (Diatrypaceae)

Mehrabi, Mehdi, Asgari, Bita, Hemmati, Roghayeh
Mycological progress 2019 v.18 no.8 pp. 1057-1069
Alnus, Eutypella, Quercus, culture media, dead wood, genes, new combination, new species, perithecia, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA, tubulin, Iran
We describe two new species of Eutypella, E. persica from dead branch of Alnus sp. in Guilan province and E. quercina from dead branch of Quercus sp. in East Azerbaijan province of Iran, using morphological and molecular data. Eutypella persica has large stromata with 20–70 perithecia in a valsoid arrangement, sulcate to smooth ostioles, and produces an asexual structure on both natural substrate and culture media. Eutypella quercina, lacking the asexual structure, is characterized by mostly circular stromata with 10–50 perithecia in a valsoid arrangement and smooth ostioles. Phylogenetic relationships of Eutypella with other genera of the Diatrypaceae are here inferred using maximum parsimony and neighbor-joining analyses of the ITS rDNA and partial β-tubulin gene. The new combination, Peroneutypa iranica, is proposed based on morphological features.