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Rhodamine group modified SBA-15 fluorescent sensor for highly selective detection of Hg²⁺ and its application as an INHIBIT logic device

Dong, Zhengping, Tian, Xin, Chen, Yuanzhe, Hou, Jingran, Ma, Jiantai
RSC advances 2013 v.3 no.7 pp. 2227-2233
cations, color, detection limit, fluorescence, heavy metals, mercury, nanocomposites, rhodamines, sulfides
Rhodamine group modified SBA-15 nanocomposite (R3-SBA-15) is investigated as a highly selective Hg²⁺ sensor. The colorless sensor converts to red color in the presence of Hg²⁺ with the fluorescent detection limit for Hg²⁺ in MeCN–H₂O solution (9 : 1 v/v) being 15 ppb levels and exhibits excellent Hg²⁺-specific luminescence enhancement over various competitive cations, including alkali and earth, the first-row transition metals and heavy metals. According to the definition of Boolean Logic, using Hg²⁺ and S²⁻ as inputs, the fluorescence intensity signal changes of R3-SBA-15 as outputs, R3-SBA-15 can act as an INHIBIT logic gate. All the results suggest that R3-SBA-15 was possible for real-time quantitative detection of Hg²⁺ and the convenience for potential application as a logic gate operated at the nanoscale level.