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High quantity and quality few-layers transition metal disulfide nanosheets from wet-milling exfoliation

Ibrahem, Mohammed Aziz, Lan, Tian-wey, Huang, Jing Kai, Chen, Yang-Yuan, Wei, Kung-Hwa, Li, Lain-Jong, Chu, Chih Wei
RSC advances 2013 v.3 no.32 pp. 13193-13202
ambient temperature, annealing, films (materials), molybdenum disulfide, nanosheets, polymers, semiconductors, solar cells, sustainable technology, wet milling
Low-cost and large-area electronic applications require the deposition of active materials in simple and inexpensive techniques at room temperature; properties usually associated with polymer films. In this study, we demonstrate a simple, low-cost and environmentally friendly method for the high-yield production of two dimensional nanosheets of semiconducting transition metal disulfides, integrated with the route towards the solution-processed deposition of MoS₂ and WS₂ thin films. The resulting materials with high purity and no contamination or distortion in their structural and electronic properties were confirmed with different microscopic and macroscopic methods. As a proof of concept, we utilize these layered transition metal disulphide films as electron extraction layers in an inverted structure organic solar cell, prepared at relatively low annealing temperatures (≤150 °C). A promising power conversion efficiency with high stability is achieved, which makes these proposed buffer layers quite attractive for next-generation flexible devices requiring high conductivity and transparency, as well as wide range of other potential applications.