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Facile chemical solution deposition of nanocrystalline CrN thin films with low magnetoresistance

Hui, Zhenzhen, Tang, Xianwu, Wei, Renhuai, Hu, Ling, Yang, Jie, Luo, Hongmei, Dai, Jianming, Song, Wenhai, Liu, Xingzhao, Zhu, Xuebin, Sun, Yuping
RSC advances 2014 v.4 no.24 pp. 12568-12571
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, films (materials), nanocrystals, stoichiometry, temperature
CrN thin films are first prepared by a facile chemical solution deposition method. The results show that the derived CrN thin films are nanocrystalline with the grain size of 30–60 nm. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurement shows the stoichiometry of the derived thin film. The temperature dependent resistivity within the range of 2–300 K shows a semiconductor-like behavior with dρ/dT < 0 and a discontinuity in resistivity at 253 K is observed due to the antiferromagnetic transition. At 10 K the magnetoresistance is as low as −0.06% under 45 kOe. The first growth of CrN thin films by the facile chemical solution deposition will provide an alternative route to prepare CrN thin films, especially for large-area CrN thin films with low-cost.