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Advancement of sorption-based heat transformation by a metal coating of highly-stable, hydrophilic aluminium fumarate MOF

Jeremias, Felix, Fröhlich, Dominik, Janiak, Christoph, Henninger, Stefan K.
RSC advances 2014 v.4 no.46 pp. 24073-24082
aluminum, coatings, desorption, fumarates, heat, hydrophilicity, hysteresis, mass transfer, porous media, sorption, water vapor, working conditions
The distinctive water sorption properties of microporous aluminium fumarate (s-shaped isotherm, narrow hysteresis, loading >0.3 g g⁻¹ at a relative pressure as low as p/p₀ = 0.3 under realistic working conditions) permit a large advancement of MOF-based sorption heat transformation processes, especially as we demonstrate that the favourable sorption properties are accompanied by an unprecedented cyclic hydrothermal stability. With regard to the application of heat transformation, where unhindered heat and mass transfer are crucial for fast ad-/desorption cycles and a high power density, the question of proper shaping was also addressed. A 300 μm thick, polycrystalline, thermally well coupled and highly accessible coating of microporous aluminium fumarate was deposited on a metal substrate via the thermal gradient approach, and found to be stable for the first 4500 ad-/desorption cycles with water vapour.