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A moisture absorbing gel electrolyte enables aqueous and flexible supercapacitors operating at high temperatures

Liu, Lingyang, Dou, Qingyun, Sun, Yinglun, Lu, Yulan, Zhang, Qingnuan, Meng, Jianing, Zhang, Xu, Shi, Siqi, Yan, Xingbin
Journal of materials chemistry A 2019 v.7 no.35 pp. 20398-20404
ambient temperature, durability, electrolytes, evaporation, gels, water uptake
Gel electrolytes are of great importance for supercapacitors (SCs) operating at high temperatures. However, it is a fundamental challenge for SCs using aqueous gel electrolytes at elevated temperatures to ensure good work durability due to the evaporation of water. Here we report a “water-in-salt” gel electrolyte that exhibits superior water-retention and even water-absorption capability. What is noteworthy is that a quasi-solid-state SC utilizing the gel electrolyte is able to work and exhibit long cycling life across a wide temperature range from room temperature up to 120 °C in an extremely dry atmosphere, representing the best record among the previously reported aqueous gel-based SCs, as far as we know. This strategy may provide a new way to develop reliable aqueous gel electrolytes for SCs operating at high temperatures.