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Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Frego Bract Isolines of Cotton

A. E. Percival, R. J. Kohel
Crop science 1978 v.18 no.6 pp. 1080-1082
Gossypium hirsutum, backcrossing, flowers, introgression, isogenic lines, lint cotton, lint yield, seed cotton, selfing, Texas
The effect was measured statistically of introgressing the morphological character frego bract (fg) into a cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genetic standard Texas Marker-1 (TM-1) to evaluate the performance of two isolines. Two frego bract (fg) sources and their normal-allele (Fg) counterparts were synthesized into TM-1 isolines through a multiple backcross and selfing program. Five sub-lines were isolated within each isoline. The sub-line within each isoline did not vary significantly. Tests of the isolines showed that they differed significantly in seven of the 13 agronomic characters measured (date of first flower, seed cotton yield, lint yield, boll size, seed index, lint percentage, and lint index). The introgression of frego bract (fg) into the standard background delayed the date of first flower (indicating lateness) and reduced boll size, lint percentage, and lint index. The other three characters, seed cotton yield, lint yield, and seed index, were affected by the TM-1 background of the isolines.