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Technical study on national mandatory guideline for deriving water quality criteria for the protection of freshwater aquatic organisms in China

Feng, Chenglian, Li, Hui, Yan, Zhenfei, Wang, Yujuan, Wang, Chen, Fu, Zhiyou, Liao, Wei, Giesy, John P., Bai, Yingchen
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.250 pp. 109539
aquatic organisms, data collection, environmental protection, freshwater, guidelines, management systems, pollutants, screening, water quality criteria, water quality standards, China
Water quality criteria are the basis for formulating environmental water quality standards, and are also an important part of environmental water protection and environmental management programs. The current study focused on a systematic discussion of the current research progress of water quality criteria theories and methodology for aquatic organisms both in China and internationally. This study also successfully pointed out key scientific issues which should be considered in the determination of water quality criteria guidelines from the following perspectives for a national strategy: the selection of pollutants; data collection and screening; species selection; water quality criteria derivation methods, and so on. For the first time, this study systematically introduced technology for the determination of water quality criteria guidelines for protecting aquatic organisms which was suitable for China's regional characteristics and national conditions. Furthermore, this study pointed out the key research directions which should be considered in the future construction of China's environmental criteria and management systems, in order to provide technical support for environmental protection and management projects.