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Occurrence and Distribution of Oxygen and Organic Compounds in Mountain Streams of the Marmot Basin

Telang, S. A., Hodgson, G. W., Baker, B. L.
Journal of environmental quality 1981 v.10 no.1 pp. 18-22
amino acids, basins, carbohydrates, dissolved oxygen, fatty acids, fulvic acids, hydrocarbons, lignin, oxygen, phenols, seasonal variation, spatial distribution, streams, tannins, total organic carbon
The nature and abundance of O₂ and organic compounds were examined in the streams of the Marmot basin. Levels of dissolved O₂ in mountain streams of the Marmot basin averaged 11,000 µg/liter. The streams were 90–105% saturated with dissolved 02. Biochemical and chemical demand averaged 2,000 and 4,000 µg/liter, respectively. Total organic C in mountain streams averaged 4,000 µg/liter. Analyzed organic compounds in stream waters constituted 25% of the total organic C, refractory compounds accounted for 23%, and labile compounds 2%. Refractory organic compounds, humic and fulvic acids, averaged 790 µg/liter and tannins and lignins 100 µg/liter. Averages of labile compounds were: hydrocarbons, 0.05 µ/liter (sum of individual compounds in the range of C₁₄–C₃₂); phenols, 2 µg/liter; fatty acids, 2 µg/liter; carbohydrates, 45 µg/liter; and total amino acids, 10 µg/liter (sum of 16 protein amino acids). Seasonal variations in abundances of organic compounds were observed.