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Investigation of charge transport properties in less defective nanostructured ZnO based Schottky diode

Dey, Arka, Layek, Animesh, Roychowdhury, Anirban, Das, Mrinmay, Datta, Joydeep, Middya, Somnath, Das, Dipankar, Ray, Partha Pratim
RSC advances 2015 v.5 no.46 pp. 36560-36567
aluminum, diodes, electrons, films (materials), glass, zinc oxide
In this report the synthesis of novel zinc oxide (ZnO) with a lower defect density and its effect on the Al/ZnO Schottky junction has been demonstrated. The defect density was estimated by positron annihilation lifetime measurement which ensures the material's superiority (i.e. free from point defects or any type of vacancies) over the earlier reported results. The thin film device of synthesized ZnO was fabricated on an ITO coated glass substrate. As the front contact was made by aluminium, the characteristic I–V produced rectifying Schottky behavior. The underlying charge transport mechanism through a metal–semiconductor (i.e. Al/ZnO) junction was analyzed on the basis of thermoionic emission theory to find out the quality of the fabricated device. In this regard we have studied the charge transport mechanism by measuring the density of states (DOS) at the Fermi level, mobility-lifetime product and diffusion length.