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Effects of a thermally stable chlorophyll extract from diatom algae on surface textured Si solar cells

Chen, Chiang-Ting, Hsu, Fang-Chi, Huang, Jeng-Yeh, Chang, Chi-Yuan, Chang, Tsung-Yuan, Lin, Hsiu-Mei, Lin, Tai-Yuan, Chen, Yang-Fang
RSC advances 2015 v.5 no.44 pp. 35302-35306
Bacillariophyceae, air, algae, chlorophyll, color, light, photons, photoperiod, refractive index, silicon, solar cells, thermal stability
We present the effects of a chlorophyll extract from diatom algae as a spin-coating anti-reflection layer on surface textured silicon solar cells. The diatom extract with a refractive index value in-between Si and air can suppress the overall light reflection from the bare Si surface up to 7% over spectral regions of 350–1100 nm. Additionally, it also shows a strong photon downconversion effect within the visible light regime. Based on both optical characteristics, the short circuit current density is largely enhanced for an approximately 10% increment in the cell efficiency. Additionally, the diatom extract is also thermally stable up to 90 °C without apparent color change and any degradation of optical properties. Thus, the presented approach is simple, doable, suitable for large area application, and more importantly, it is eco-friendly.