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N-Trinitroethyl-substituted azoxyfurazan: high detonation performance energetic materials

Yu, Qiong, Wang, Zhixin, Yang, Hongwei, Wu, Bo, Lin, Qiuhan, Ju, Xuehai, Lu, Chunxu, Cheng, Guangbin
RSC advances 2015 v.5 no.35 pp. 27305-27312
X-ray diffraction, carbon, differential scanning calorimetry, friction, nitrogen, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, oxygen, stable isotopes, thermogravimetry
Azoxyfurazan derivatives based on the trinitroethyl functionality were synthesized. These energetic N-trinitroethyl-substituted azoxyfurazans were fully characterized by using ¹H and ¹³C NMR spectroscopy, IR, elemental analysis, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TG) as well as single crystal X-ray diffraction, and, in the case of N-trinitroethylamino azoxyfurazan 4, with ¹⁵N NMR spectroscopy. Furthermore, compound 4 and nitramine 5 have been tested for their responses to impact, friction, and electrostatic discharge. The detonation pressures and velocities of the azoxyfurazan derivatives were calculated, ranging from 35.8 GPa to 41.2 GPa and 8861 m s⁻¹ to 9458 m s⁻¹, respectively. Additionally, compound 5 having an oxygen balance of near zero (+2.5%), exhibits a favorable measured density (1.92 g cm⁻³) and excellent detonation property (ΔfHₘ, 962.1 kJ mol⁻¹; P, 41.2 GPa; D, 9458 m s⁻¹). Thus, these compounds could be potential high detonation performance energetic materials.