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Effect of Phosphorus Fertilization on the Selenium Concentration in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Carter, D. L., Robbins, C. W., Brown, M. J.
Soil Science Society of America journal 1972 v.36 no.4 pp. 624-628
Medicago sativa, acid soils, alfalfa, application rate, fertilizer application, greenhouses, phosphoric acid, phosphorus, phosphorus fertilizers, sandy loam soils, selenium, silt loam soils, superphosphate, Northwestern United States
A study was conducted to determine the effect of P fertilization on the Se concentration in alfalfa. Adding P to the soil increased the Se concentration in alfalfa grown in the greenhouse on six of 14 soils from the northwestern United States. The Se concentration increase in alfalfa resulting from P addition was noted on some alkaline and some acid soils. Phosphorus addition increased the availability to alfalfa of both native and applied Se in the Portneuf silt loam. Applying 160 kg P/ha either as H₃PO₄ or concentrated superphosphate to Gooding sandy loam in the field increased the Se concentration in alfalfa from a level marginal for animal requirements to an adequate level.