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Effect of Nitrogen on Phosphorus Transport Systems in Zea Mays L.

Thien, S. J., McFee, W. W.
Soil Science Society of America journal 1972 v.36 no.4 pp. 617-620
Zea mays, corn, nitrogen, phosphorus, uptake mechanisms
The effect of N preconditioning on P uptake and translocation was studied using 10-day-old corn (Zea mays L.) in solution culture. Nitrogen preconditioned plants had significantly higher P uptake rates and translocation. Plants remained capable of stimulated P absorption and translocation for periods dependent upon the time interval between N pretreatment and P uptake. The degree to which P uptake was stimulated was dependent upon the N level used for preconditioning. A rather low level, 4mM, resulted in maximum increase in P uptake over control plants. Phosphorus transport to the upper part of the plant increased as N levels in the pretreatment increased. Nitrogen preconditioning stimulated P uptake and translocation maximally when P was supplied at 0.1mM. At lower concentrations only uptake was stimulated while at higher levels, only translocation was stimulated. Observations suggest involvement of more than one P uptake mechanism and separate physiological influence of N on uptake and translocation.