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Multi-objective optimization of solar powered adsorption chiller combined with river water heat pump system for air conditioning and space heating application

Li, Rui, Dai, Yanjun, Cui, Guomin
Energy 2019 v.189 pp. 116141
adsorption, air conditioning, algorithms, capital, cooling systems, energy costs, environmental assessment, fossil fuels, heat, heat pumps, linear programming, models, primary energy, river water
Multi-energy system is currently under rapid development due to their potential to reduce the use of fossil fuel resources and improve system stability. A systematic simulation-based, multi-objective optimization model of for solar hybrid heat pump heating and cooling system is presented. A combined energy, economic and environmental analysis of the system is conducted to calculate the primary energy use as well as the levelized total annual cost. A multi-objective optimization model is formulated using a genetic algorithm to simultaneously minimize these objective. Linear programming technique for multidimensional analysis of preference (LINMAP) is used to select the optimal point from the Pareto front. A sensitivity analysis is also performed to assess the influence of fuel cost, capital cost of innovative components and the annual interest rate on the Pareto front of the optimal solution.