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Influence of membrane resistance on swelling and removal of colloidal filter cake after filtration pressure release

Loginov, Maksym, Doudiès, Floriane, Hengl, Nicolas, Pignon, Frédéric, Gésan-Guiziou, Geneviève
Journal of membrane science 2019
absorption, artificial membranes, cleaning, filter cake, filtrates, filtration, hydraulic resistance
The influence of filtration membrane resistance on colloidal filter cake swelling after the filtration pressure release is discussed in frame of filtration-consolidation theory. It is argued that in the case of reversibly compressible filter cake, the solid pressure relaxation can result in filtrate inflow across the membrane with the following absorption by the filter cake part adjacent to the membrane surface. According to the model results, the filtrate inflow and the filter cake swelling rates increase with decreasing of the membrane hydraulic resistance. At low membrane resistance, the swelling can result in the non-monotonous bell-like solid concentration distribution in the filter cake (solid concentration on the cake-membrane surface is lower than the maximal solid concentration). In contrast, the filter cake swelling in the absence of filter inflow across the membrane (or the deposit swelling on the impermeable surface) results in the monotonous decrease of the solid concentration. The non-monotonous solid concentration distribution can facilitate the membrane rinsing and cleaning and lead to the filter cake removal before its complete swelling.